Manuel Adria

Born in Barcelona and recently settled in Puerto Vallarta, Manuel Adriá has inherited the spirit of Miró, another Spaniard, in his approach to form. Concentrating more on maps and signs that dramatic compositions, Manuel´s work is swift, graphic, and easy to approach. What these graphic notations lack in daring or innovation, they make up with lighthearted gesture. As for the title, bestiario, one thinks it was simply a place to begin with the artist than an actual collections of fables, as was once popular during the Middle Ages and onward. Manuel Adriá belong to the fantasy tradition of mexican art that originated with folk art and once appropriated by "fine" art, has now become standard gallery fare.

Gallery Exhibitions
1987, Individual Exhibit 
2005, “Tela, madera y papel” Individual Exhibit 
2007, “Miradas de color” Individual Exhibit 
2007, “Brillo amarillo” Individual Exhibit 
2008, “Primavera de color” Individual Exhibit 
2009, “Animals” Individual Exhibit 
2010, “Colección X” Individual Exhibit 
2011, “Naturalmente” Individual Exhibit 

Other Exhibitions
1987, Exposición Colectiva Pto. Vallarta, Méx.
2005, “Tela, madera y papel” Exposición individual Pto. Vallarta, Méx.
2011, “Naturalmente” Exposición individual Pto. Vallarta, Méx. 



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